Arlecchino furioso

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This event finished on 21 October 2018

In short

In summer, Venice takes on the colours of Arlecchino. The character symbol of Italian Drama is back at Goldoni Theatre with a brand new show: “Arlecchino furioso” (“Raging Arlecchino”).

Love, the one with capital L, is the driving force of a flamboyant comedy, written according to the classic canons of “Commedia dell’Arte”: a hindered Love, a love that is invoked, sought, hid and then revealed, but most importantly a Universal Love, capable of going beyond world’s boundaries.

The stage of the Venetian Theatre is transformed into a Renaissance performance hall, taking the audience deep into the scenes, the lights and the characters’ actions.

This show can be enjoyed by everyone, performed with a variety of languages and dialects and enriched by the presence of theatre masks, costumes, duels, songs, music and pantomimes.

A couple of lovers, Isabella and Leandro, are forced by misfortune to separate but they are reunited, ten years later, in Venice and they are ready to fall in love again. At the same time, the jealous Alrecchino, who is courting a servant-girl named Romanella, is ready to throw a tantrum at the first suspicion of infidelity.

Will Love prevail?